Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vegetable Chicken

We all are health conscious as well as want to have tasty food also, so try my new vegetable chicken. I’m sure u all goanna love these.

Prep time :30 mint.
Serve for 2 to 3 person.

1.Chiecken 500 gm.(boneless).
2.One large chopped onion.(cube size)
3.One chopped carott.(straight wise)
4.Red ,Green, Yellow bell pepper (cut in cube size)
5.Green beans 100 gm (chopped straight wise)
6.One small tomato chopped( cube size)
7. One tea spoon ginger garlic paste.
8.Red chili flakes one tea spoon.
9.Fresh crushed black pepper one tea spoon.
10.One tea spoon vinegar.
11.One tea spoon tomato puree.
12.Salt and sugar(optional) as per taste.
13.Sunflower oil.


Marinate the chicken with vinegar some salt and some crushed pepper for 30 mint.

Put oil in a karai add all chopped vegetable fry for some time then add ginger garlic paste and cook for 2 mints.

Now add chicken pieces cook on high flame till the chicken tender (boneless chicken use to leave lots of water so avoid this).

Then reduce flame add some salt ,Sugar(optional), red chili flakes, crushed pepper,tomato puree and cook for some time till a nice yummy look come out. Serve hot with any bred or Roti or Rice.


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