Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Doi ILish or Hilsha fish with Curd

As a fish lover the first choice of fish is Ilish or Hilsha. The favorite fish of almost all Bengali’s. This fish is usually available during the Rainy season. Mostly from the river of Ganga (India) and Padma (Bangladesh) this fish is coming from. This is one of the costliest fishes also during the season. Fresh fishes are always best, but here we only get frozen fish still the fish are good. So you can imagine how well the fish when it fresh.

Almost all the recipe with this fish is so easy and quick. But everything is depending on the taste of the fish. During my childhood day my father used to go to Ganger Ghat or (the river side) during the rainy season almost every day to purchase fresh fish directly from the fisher man. And the taste of those fresh fish really I can’t express. Today I prepared some “Doi Ilish” or Hilsha fish with Curd. A heavenly combination with plain rice another delicasy from my Maa's kitchen.


Preparation time: 10 mints.
Cooking time: 15 mints.


1.Hilsha fish : 4 piece.
2.Mustard seeds :One table spoon.
3.Three to Four green chilies.
4.One table spoon curd.
5.One tea spoon turmeric powder.
6.Few Kalonji.
7.Salt & Sugar as per taste.

9.Mustard oil for cooking.

Marinate the fish with little turmeric powder and salt.

Now grind the mustard seeds with one green chili. Make a mixture with curd, turmeric powder and mustard seeds paste with little water.
Now add some oil in a vessel and fry the fish pieces lightly and keep it aside.

Now on that same vessel add some kalonji  and split green chilies after few seconds and the curd and mustard seeds paste mixture with little salt and sugar.

Cook till the oil separate. Now add little water and the fried fish pieces. Cook till the gravy become thick.

Enjoy with plain rice.