Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kalakand or Milk Cake

Another sweet delicacy from West Bengal and also all over the India was my today's venture. Being a sweet lover I always love to make sweet dishes to give us a treat. And that’s why I always try to make the authentic Bengali sweets to feel the essence of Kolkata. But this one is really famous in all over India too.

I prepared some KALAKAND or MILK CAKE a delicacy which gets melted in mouth easily. For making this sweets you need few basic things like Chana, Thick Milk, Sugar and some pistachios for garnishing. But the sweets are just too good. Almost in every sweet shop in India you will get this sweet, a very easy but very tasty one. 


1.Thick Milk : 4 cup.
2.Chana or cottage cheese: 100 gm.
3.Sugar : 4 table spoon (depend on your taste also).
4.Some Pistachios for garnishing.
5. Few drop of ghee.


Put the milk in a heavy bottomed vessel and start boiling when it’s become half of the original quantity then add the Chana.

And stir continuously now add the sugar and stir till the milk and chana mixture become dry.

Now grease one plate with little ghee and spread the mixture into the plate proportionately and garnished with pistachios.

Keep it in fridge for 20 mints. Now cut into small pieces.

Give your family members a sweet treat…