Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chicken Handi Biryani

BIRYANI this one word only enough to make you hungry, it’s not really matter that which kind of BIRYANI you are eating. There are so many kinds of BIRYANI and as a food lover I love BIRYANI in every way. I have few more BIRYANI recipes in my blog but I never posted any DUM BIRYANI recipe before, because I never cooked any DUM BIRYANI. This one is my first attempt to cook proper CHICKEN HANDI BIRYANI which is cooked in the restaurant style.

The difference between a Normal BIRYANI and Dum BIRYANI is, in Dum BIRYANI the marinated chicken is not cooked before which is the key factor of this recipe. Everything is cooked in steam and the time is a main factor. You have to be very careful about the time otherwise the bottom portion of the biryani will burn. This is the first time I prepared something like that and I am more than happy after the result. That’s why our Sunday became super Sunday after having the perfect Dum BIRYANI.  

Preparation time: 15 mints.
Cooking time: 35 mint.

1.Chicken: 600 gm Big size pieces with bone.
2.Basmati Rice: 2 cup.
3.One medium sliced onion.
4.One table spoon ginger and garlic paste.
5.Bay leave:1, Cardamom: 3 to 4.Cinamon stick:1.Clove: 4to 5. Black pepper corn:8 to 10. Few shah jeera, little mace.
6.Two table spoon curd.
7.One tea spoon red chili powder.
8.Two to three chopped green chilies.
9.Two medium size potato cut into halves.
10.Two boiled eggs.
11.Chopped coriander leaves: A hands full.
12.Chopped mint leaves: A hand full.
13.Almonds: 10 to 12 pieces.
14.Half tea spoon white pepper powder.
15.Sunflower oil for cooking.
16.One tea spoon ghee.
17.Slat and sugar as per taste.
18.Few drop of meetha ator and keowra water for essence.
19.Few saffron strands soaked in warm milk.


Wash and clean the chicken pieces, now marinate the chicken with curd, freshly grinded ginger garlic paste, half of the coriander leaves and mint leaves paste, freshly grinded whole garam masala (clove, cardamom, cinnamon stick, bay leave, black pepper corn, and mace) few saha jeera, two table spoon oil, salt and sugar, chopped green chilies and half one sliced onion for overnight or at least 4 to 5 hr.

Now next soaked the almond on little warm water for 10 mints, and soaked the rice for 10 mints. 

Now add enough water in a pot and add some salt and sugar, allow this to boil, after it start boiling add one table spoon of oil and the soaked rice and cooked till the rice 75% done.
Drain the extra water from the rice.

Now pill the almond and make a smooth paste add the white pepper powder into the almond paste and mix well.

Now boil the potato pieces with some salt, after it boiled completely fry them till they become golden and keep it aside.

Fry rest of the sliced onions till they turn brownish and keep it aside.

Now take one big aluminum handi or you can take any nonstick handi also, grease some ghee into the bottom of the handi.

Now place the marinated chicken pieces at bottom of the handi. Then put the almond paste in top of the chicken (don’t mix them otherwise almond paste will burn). Then sprinkle the meetha ator and keowra water.

Now add the cooked rice in top, then sprinkle the fried onions, place the fried potato pieces, boiled eggs, rest of the chopped coriander and mint leaves. On top sprinkle the saffron soaked milk,

Now cover the handi with a tight lid and to make it air tight fill the sides with flour dough.

Now cook this in high flame for 5 mints, then cook this in medium heat for 10 mint.

Now put one Tawa or nonstick pan on flame and put the Handi on top of the Tawa and cook this way for another 20 mints.

Then open the lid, you can find the rice is cooked properly  and the chicken pieces  are tender nicely that mean you made a perfect Dum Biryani.

Serve hot with salad and raita.