Friday, October 4, 2013

Kheerer Naru or Narkel NAru or Coconut Laddu

মহালয়া/MOHALOYA is a very special and auspicious day for all Bengalis and from today NAVARATRI also started so this is a festive season for all of us. In the morning of Mohaloya all men used to go to the ghats of Ganges for praying to their ancestor and after that Debi Pokkho starts. Durga puja is the main festival of Bengal and at the same time central and north India celebrating NAVARATRI which starts right after MOHALOYA and end on the 10th day which we call DASHAMI or DASHERA.

Sitting far away from home but still I feel like to have all the essence of Durga puja, so I made some authentic KHEERER NARU or MALAI COCONUT LADDU.

1.One coconut (shredded).
2.Sugar: 5 table spoon.
3.Heavy Milk: one small cup.
4.Condensed Milk: 2 table spoon.
5.Cardamom: 2 freshly crushed.
6.A pinch of Kuppur or Camphor.


In a heavy bottomed vessel add the shredded coconut and the sugar mixes them in medium flame.

When the sugar melt completely and become little sticky add the crushed cardamom, milk and condensed milk and cook in medium flame for 15 mint and stir continuously

Now add the Kuppur or Camphor and mix well and stir continuously till the mixture become very dry.

Now turn off the flame, rub some water in your palm and strat making Naru or LADDU before it become cold.

Your easy KHEER NARU OR MALAI COCONUT LADDU is ready enjoy you special day with all your family members. Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS DURGA PUJA.