Thursday, November 29, 2012

Andhra Style Egg Curry

Today I was really confused while cooking because my husband told me last night that he wants to have egg curry but little South Indian style. And I totally forgot about that and sat for a movie. But while boiling the eggs I remembered his wish and it’s too late to do Google because my friends were coming to my place for Tea. Well I just added main ingredients of South Indian food one is Coconut and the second one is Curry Leaves. Just adding after this to ingredients easily you can say the dish is Andhra Style Egg Curry. So nicely I served the dinner to him with a big dialogue “look I made the dish exactly you are looking for” and he replied wow it’s definitely took lots of time. What a relief after a smart presentation.

We both are very fond of eggs, so whatever way I cooked eggs we just relish while eating. And the good news is my 14 month old daughter also likes egg very much.


Preparation Time: 10 mint.
Cooking time: 20 mint.
Serve for 2 people.

1.Boiled eggs :4 pieces.

2.One medium sliced onions.
3.One small chopped tomato.
4.One tea spoon garlic paste.
5.Few curry leaves.
6.Two table spoon shredded coconut.
7.One dry red chili.
8.A pinch of turmeric powder, One tea spoon red chili powder, One tea spoon cumin powder, One tea spoon coriander powder.
9.Salt & Sugar as per taste.
10.Sunflower Oil for cooking.
Marinate the egg pieces with a pinch o turmeric powder and salt but before that just straight wise with a help of your knigh make some cut into the eggs.

Add the oil in a vessel. Now fry the egg pieces till they turn golden brown and keep them aside.


Now on that same vessel add some more oil and add the dry red chili with the sliced onions and curry leaves. When the Onions are transparent add the chopped tomato.
Now prepare a mixture with the shredded coconut and all other spices powder with little water. And add the mixture into the vessel with some salt and sugar.

Cook till the oil come out now add some warm water and the fried egg pieces.

Switch off the gas when the gravy becomes thick. Served hot with Rice or Roti.

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