Friday, January 11, 2013

Biyebari Style Macher Kalia

Whenever I go any Biye Bari or Marriage Reception I always love to have that special Macher Kalia or Fish Curry. Because the taste is so good, so many times I tried to make fish curry like that but was never able to cook. But finally I got one recipe from one of my friend Trina Majumdar . Thanks Trina for the lovely recipe. She is a great cook. The taste of the fish curry is quite similar to Biyabari special Macher Kalia.

All you need for this fish curry is Big size Rui or Ruhu or Katla fish. If you are searching for a typical recipe this one can help you. I made few changes according to my convenience. 

Preparation time : 15 mints.
Cooking time: 30 mints.


1.Rui or Katla fish :4 piece.
2.One large chopped onion.
3.One small sliced onion.
4.One table spoon ginger & Garlic paste.
5.One small chopped tomato.
6.One table spoon tomato puree.
7.One tea spoon curd.
8.Turmeric Powder, Red Chili Powder, Cumin Powder ( Half tea spoon of each item).
9.One table spoon lime juice.
10. One table spoon well bitten curd.
11.Few raisin.
12.One Bay leave, 2 clove, 2 cardamom, one small cinnamon stick.
13.A pinch of Paanch Foron. (Cumin, Kalonji, Sauf, Fenugreek, Mustard).
14.Salt & Sugar asper taste.
15.Mustard oil for cooking or you can use sunflower oil too.
16.Half tea spoon of ghee.


Marinate the fish pieces with some turmeric Powder, salt & lime juice for 10 mint.

Now fry the fish pieces in enough oil and keep it aside.

Now in a different pan add some oil and add the chopped onion and fry till the onions are become golden brown. Let it cool then a make a smooth paste with the friend onion and raisin.

Now add some more oil and add the Paanch Foron and after few seconds add the sliced onions and cook for some time.

Now add the chopped tomato and cook till the raw smell goes off then add the ginger garlic paste and tomato puree with all the spices powder till the oil came out. Now add the fried onion and raisin paste.

Next add the well bitten curd with some salt & sugar and cook for another 5 to 6 mints. 

Now add some warm water and add the fried fish pieces and cook with a lid in low flame for another 7 to 8 mints.

In a separate bowl put the ghee, after it become hot add the whole garam masala and put it into the gravy. 

Serve hot with Plain rice.


  1. Wow! Will be cooking this for sure.

  2. Tried the recipe a few days ago.. Tasted awesome.. Thank you..

  3. Tried this out and it turned out to be amazing. Thanks aton for sharing.

  4. Jst love ur recipes. Especially gugni luchi

  5. Jst love ur recipes. Especially gugni luchi