Thursday, December 13, 2012

Naan Khatai Or An Egg Less Cookie

Today is really a happy day for me because this one is my 100th post in my blog. When I started blogging I thought it’s never going to cross more than 50. It’s really a difficult task for me to maintain a blog with a 14 month old baby but anyhow I am able to manage my duty and passion together.Today I am posting my century recipe. I am really glad and overwhelmed with all the support from my Husband and all my lovely friends, who encouraged me from the beginning. And whenever my friends tell that they cooked my recipe and it turned out really good the feelings is something different. I just want to say my family and friends that just be with me, many more to come. 

Today I made Naankhatai a Cookie without eggs. This Naan Khatai is very famous biscotti in Surat, Gujrat. Very easy to make with only few Ingredients which is easily available at home. And perfect for Tea or Cofee.

This is the first time I prepared something like that, so while making I was really nervous. But the end result is really appreciated. So my Christmas starts with my first baking Biscotti. The taste is really good you can try at home.

Preparation time: 15 mints.
Cooking time: 40 mints.


1.One cup of all- purpose flower.
2.Half cup of sugar. table spoon of Suji or Semolina.
4.A pinch of freshly squished  cardamom , and a pinch of freshly squished Jaifal.
5.One table spoon almond powder.
6.Half tea spoon of Besan or Gram Flower.
7.Half Cup Salted Butter.
8.One to Two tea spoon of warm milk.
9.Few pistachios for garnishing.


Put all no 1 to 7 ingredients in a bowl as mentioned above and mix well.
Now add the butter and gram flower into it and make dough if needed add one or two tea spoon of warm milk.


Now pre heat the oven in 350 degree F. Make some small balls with the dough and place them into a non-greased over proof pan and garnished with pistachios.


Now bake it for 10 mints. Now low the heat in 225 degree F and bake for another 12 mints.

Now flip them and bake for another 10 to 12 mints, in between just check it should not be over baked.

Enjoy your Naan KHatai with Tea or Cofee.