Saturday, March 2, 2013

Homemade Milk Peda

From today morning I really wanted to make one sweet dish. Because it’s been almost 3 weeks I did not prepare any sweet item. And today we are going out for dinner so I have enough time to think and make something new which I never prepared before. Suddenly I remember a sweet call MILK PEDA which is a very famous sweet made with HOME MADE PANEER OR CHANA, MILK, MILK POWDER AND CONDENSED MILK. For me PEDA is a sweet which I used to have after any temple visit for puja. And those PEDA'S are just too good. I love the PEDA of kalighat temple and after puja every time I used to buy some more for me.

The recipe is very easy and quick but the taste will definitely give you the feel. I am not a professional cook though my PEDA’S are not that good like shops but the taste is fabulous. 

Preparation time: 5 mints.
Cooking time: 20 mints.

1.Home made paneer or Chana: 100 gm.
2.Sugar: ½ cup.
3.Milk Powder: ½  cup.
4.One small cup of heavy milk.
5.One table spoon of condensed milk.
6.One table spoon unsalted butter.
7.Some pistachios for garnishing.


Add the butter in a heavy bottomed vessel and slowly add the milk, milk powder, chana and condensed milk and mix well.

Continue stir with a spatula so that the bottom will not burn.

Cook it in low flame for 15 to 20 mints till the mixture become dry and the color become rich.

Let it cool, now add the sugar and mix well.

Make some small balls and press lightly with your palm and give a flat shape.

Press in the middle of the sweet with your finger and garnish some pistachios over there.

Enjoy your HOME MADE MILK PEDA with your family members.