Friday, November 2, 2012

Aloor Chop or Mashed Potato Vada

‘Street Food’ the name only makes us hungry at any time of a day. No matter we are hungry or not if it’s a question about Street Food we are ready to have. Kolkata is famous for plenty of different Street Foods. Among of them one of the very old and popular is Aloor Chop or Mashed Potato Vada. Almost all Bengali relish this with Moori or Puffed Rice as evening snack. And this one is very common in any kind of Adda or get-together. I remember during my childhood days in one rupee we used to get 4 Aloor chop but now a day’s one Aloor chop is 5 rupees.

Boiled potato and besan or gram flower is the main ingredients of these snacks. I used to think it will be very tough to prepare like the shop but I am so wrong it’s quite easy and not that time consuming too.

Preparation Time: 10 mints.

Cooking Time: 15 mints.


For stuffing:

1.One large bolied and smashed potato.
2.One medium chopped onion.
3.Half tea spoon Ginger paste.
4.Four to Five chopped green chilies.
5.Few cumin seeds.
6.A pinch of turmeric powder, Red chili Powder and Garam Masala Powder.
7.Half tea spoon chat masala.
8.Salt & Sugar as per taste.
9.Sunflower oil.

For Coating:
1.Gram Flower 100 gm.
2.A pinch of Baking Powder.
3.Salt & Sugar as per taste.
4.A pinch of red chili powder.
5.Around half cup of water.


Add oil in a vessel then add the cumin seeds. Now add the chopped onion and chopped green chilies.

Fry till the onion are golden brown; now add the ginger paste along with all the spices powder.

Fry for some time now add the mashed potato with some salt and sugar. Mix well and cook till the mixture become dry.

Now add all the ingredients of outer coat in a bowl and make a smooth batter.

Make some small flatter round shape ball with the mashed potato mixture. Sprinkle few pinch of all-purpose flower into them.

Now pour the balls into the batter.

Deep fry them till they golden brown.

Serve hot with tea.