Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Doodh Patol or Milk Parwal

Doodh Patal or Milk Parwal another delicacy form my Ma’s kitchen. It’s a pure vegetarian dish without onion & garlic. Basically it’s a preparation of Coconut & milk. My grandmother was a pure vegetarian so my mom used to cook different kind of vegetarian dishes for her. And this one is one of her best. With plain rice or polao it’s just amazing. And not tough to cook also. So what for you are waiting just made it.

Preparation time: 15 mints.

Cooking time: 20 mints.

Serve for 4 people.


1.Patol or Parwal 8 piece.

2.Two table spoon shredded coconut.

3.One table spoon Poppy seeds.

4.Two to three green chili cut straight wise.

5.Half tomato chopped finely.

6.One small cup of milk.

7.Half tea spoon coriander powder.

8.Half tea spoon cumin powder.

9.A pinch og garam masala powder.

10.One bay leave, two cardamom, two clove, one small cinnamon stick.

11.Salt & Sugar as per taste.

12.Sunflower oil.


Cut the patol or parwal into four pieces straight wise like my photo.

Make a smooth paste with shredded coconut & poppy seeds and keep it aside.

Now add some oil in a vessel and add the patol’s with some salt, and keep it aside.

Now add some more oil and add the bay leave, clove, cardamom and cinnamon stick, after two mints add the chopped tomato fry for some time and slowly add the cumin and coriander powder with some salt and sugar.

After 3 to 4 mints add the coconut and poppy seeds paste and cook for some time and instead of water add the milk and finaly the fried patol or parwal and cook with a lid.

Cook till the gravy become thick. It’s perfect with plain rice.


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