Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Patol er Dorma or Stuffed Parwal


Patol er dorma (patol is famous as Parwal )is one of a famous Bengali delicacy. Basically its stuffed patol in a reach tomato gravy , which we relish with plain rice.

Prep Time:30 mint
Serve for 6 person.

For stuffing:
1.Khoya 50 gm.(if u don’t have khoya then u can use Milk Powder)
2.five to Six Kashew nuts chopped,
3.Five to Six Raisin chopped.
4.Crusshed Paneer 100 gm.
5.10 to 12 Patol or Parwal.

For Gravy
1.One large chopped tomato.
2.One table spoon of Cashew and poppy seeds paste.
3,One tea spoon of Ginger paste.
4.Red chili Powder one tea spoon.
5. Cumin Powder one tea spoon.
6. Turmeric Powder one tea spoon.
7.One bay leave.
8.Two clove.
9.Three to Four Cardamom.
10.Salt & Sugar(optional) as per taste.
11.sunflower Oil.

Mix all the stuffing ingredients and make a nice mixture not very smooth not very tight.

Pill the patol or parwal and cut one side and with the help of a spoon take out the seeds.

And put the stuffing inside. Fill that side with some rice flour dough. (Rice Flour+Water). And keep it aside.

Put oil in a Karai and deep fry the stuffed Patol’s or Parwal.

In a heavy bottom pan add some oil and the bay leave, clove & Cardamom, then and the chopped tomatoes .Fry for some time.

 Then add one by one the ginger paste, turmeric powder, red chili powder, cumin powder (u can mix them all with little water also before adding).

Cook till the oil separate .Add the salt and sugar(optional). After a nice color come out add the cashew and poppy seeds paste, mix them all  nicely, and cook for another 2 mint. Add some water and the stuffed Patol’s or Parwal .Cover with a lid.

Cook for another 3 mint. Finally your Patol er Dorma (stuffed Parwal ) is ready , serve hot with plain rice.

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