Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chicken Rezala


One of a very easy but tasty chicken dish is Chicken Rezala. In Kolkata there are few famous restaurants where people just want to have the Rezala. Today I am really felt like to cook something which is authentic but easy to cook so I choose to make some Chicken Rezala.
So what for you are waiting let’s start.

1.Chicken 1 kg.
2. One large onion paste.
3. Ginger Garlic Paste one tea spoon.
4. Raw papaya paste 3 table spoon.
5. Two table spoon curd.
6.Coriander powder one tea spoon.
7.Two dry red chili.
8.Clove 5.
9.Cardamom 5.
10. Cinnamon one stick.
11. Black pepper 8 to 10.
12. Salt and Sugar (optional) as per taste.
13. Sunflower oil.
14.One tea spoon of ghee.

Marinate the chicken with raw papaya paste, onion paste one table spoon of curd, ginger garlic paste .coriander powder and salt for about 4 to 5 hr. (or overnight).

Put oil in a karai add all spices and fry for some time then add the marinated chicken, Cook with lid for 10 mint. Then open the lid and cook in low flame.

In a bowl add  two table spoon of curd salt and sugar ,Mix them nicely.

Now add the curd mixture into the karai. Mix with the chicken. Cook for another 5 mint Before switch off the gas add the ghee .

Chicken rezala is ready to serve….With Paratha , Jeera rice etc.


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