Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aloo Chokha (Mashed Potato indian style)

“Aloo Chokha” is a famous dish in Bihar. Most of you might know the recipe. But one of my friend asks me to share this recipe. Hope you all like too my Alur Chokha.

Prep Time 20 mint.
Serve for 4 people.

1.Two Large boiled & mashed potato.
2.One large chopped onion.
3.One large chopped tomato.
4.Five to six chopped green chili.
5.One small dry red chili.
6.One tea spoon red chili powder.
7.Salt & Sugar (optional).
8.Mustard oil.


Put some oil in a karai. Add the dry red chili then chopped onion, tomato, & green chili fry 
them till the onions are become pinkish.

Now add the red chili powder, salt & sugar. Stir well. After 2 mints add the smashed potato and mix with all.

Cook still potato mix nicely with all ingredients. Serve hot with rice and dal.

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