Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chicken Pasanda

This recipe I follow exactly like my friend Sanchita told me once. And it came out awesome…

Prep time :40 mint

Serve for 2 person.


1.chicken 600 gm,

2,One large fried onion paste,

3.One small fried tomato paste.

4.Five to six clove garlic paste.

5, One tea spoon black pepper powder.

6. One tea spoon red chili powder.

7. One tea spoon cumin powder.

8.One table spoon curd.

9. One table spoon ghee.

10.Salt and Sugar(optional)

11.Clove 2.

12.Cardamom 2 to 3.

13.Sunflower oil.


Marinate the chicken with all the ingredients except the oil for 20 mint.

Put some oil in a heavy bottom vessel and the clove and cardamom after few secondsadd the marinated chicken and cook with the lid for 5 mint again open it and cook for another 10 mint.

Reduce flame cover with lid again cook for another 5 mint till the oil separate and a nice colour come out.
Your Chicken pasanda is ready serve hot with Paratha.


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