Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grilled Vegetable


Different Vegetables make your food a healthy here is a very healthy and tasty Grilled vegetable for all of you.

Prep time :40 mnt.
 Serve for 4 person.

1.One small Broccoli. (cut in small pieces)
2.One large Carrot (cut in small pieces straight wise)
3.Green Beans 100 gm. (Cut in straight wise like carrot)
4.Green,Red,Yellow bell pepper (Cut in cube size use half of every pepper).
5.One Large tomato.(cut in cube size).
6.One large onion ( chopped cube size).
7.One medium size Sweet Potato (chopped in cube size)
8. Two table spoon of Olive Oil.
9. One tea spoon of Vinegar.
10.Crushed Black Pepper.
11.One tea spoon Butter.
12.Salt as per taste.

Make a mixture of olive oil, vinegar, Black Pepper and salt. Toss all the vegetable with the  mixture.
Pre heat oven for 4750 F. Put all the vegetable in an oven proof pan and cook for 25 mint.
Put the butter in a heavy bottomed pan and add the grilled vegetable add some fresh black pepper.

Cover with a lid and cook for another 10 mint. Your Grilled Vegetable is ready serve with Garlic Bread .

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