Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spicy Dry Chili Chicken

Summer is end for us, feeling so sad. Again the horrible winter is going to knock our doors. So we want to celebrate the last summer weekend (Most probably) with some Chinese Food. From morning it’s a busy day for me because it’s Sunday, have to do the laundry, Vacuum and lots more. So made some quick and easy Dry Chili Chicken & Chinese Fried Rice. We enjoyed with a glass of Cold drinks. Thanks to my hubby for the idea. Enjoy My Dry Chili Chicken with your partner.

Prep time: 20 mint.

Cooking time: 30 mints.

Serve for 2 people.


For marinating:

1.Chicken 600 gm (you can use bone or boneless both).
2.Two table spoon of All-purpose flour.
3.One table spoon of cornflower
4.One tea spoon of ginger & garlic paste.
5.One tea spoon of red chili powder.
6.One tea spoon of black pepper powder.
7.One table spoon soya sauce.
8.Salt as per taste.

For cooking:

1.One large size onion (chopped).
2.Green & Red bell (chopped).
3.Few green chilies (cut in straight wise).
4.Minced garlic one tea spoon.
5.Two table spoon soya sauce.
6.One table spoon of vinegar.
7.Two table spoon of tomato puree.
8.Apinch of Ajinomoto (optional).
9.Salt & Sugar as per taste.
10.Sunflower oil.

Process: Mix all marinated ingredients together with some water and make a smooth mixture. And
put all the chicken pieces into the mixture.

Put oil in a Karahi and deep fry all the chicken pieces (few at a time) and soak extra oil in a paper towel. And keep it aside.

Now put oil in a vessel and add the chopped onions, Chopped peppers, Green chilies fry them in high flame after few mints ,add the minced garlic and fry for some more time.

Now add the Soya sauce & tomato puree and mix well. Add some salt, sugar and a pinch of Ajinomoto.

Finally add the fried chicken pieces and mix well. Cook for few mints.

Your spicy dry chili chicken is ready serve hot with Fried Rice.

Enjoy your weekend.