Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dim Posto or Eggs in Poppy Seeds Gravy

Sunday ho ya Monday roj khao ande. We all know and relish this ande ka funda. Any day anytime anywhere we love to have eggs.
Enjoy Egg with khaskhas and Mustard paste gravy a typical bong dish.


1.Four pieces of egg.
2.One small chopped onion.
3.Half tea spoon ginger paste.
4. One Dry Red chili.
5.Two piece of cardamom.
6. One table spoon Poppy Seeds paste.
7.One tea spoon mustard seeds paste.
8.One tea spoon red chili powder.
9.One tea spoon turmeric powder.
10.One tea spoon cumin powder.
11.Salt & Sugar (optional).
12.Sunflower oil.


Boiled the eggs and cut into half piece. Sprinkle some salt, turmeric power and red chili powder into the eggs.

Put some oil in a Karai and fry the eggs till golden brown and keep it aside.

Now add the dry red chili and cardamom in the Karai, after few seconds add the chopped onions fry till the onions are golden brown.

Now make a mixture of Poppy seeds paste, Mustard seeds paste,ginger chili powder,turmeric powder and cumin powder.

Add the paste into the karai and mix them all with the onions add salt and sugar keep frying till the oil come out. Now add some water and the egg pieces.

Cook for another couple of minute .Switch of your gas after the gravy become thick. Serve hot with plain rice,Polao or Chapati.


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