Friday, October 12, 2012

Chicken Kabab

Chicken kebab is a very famous delicacy in Hyderabad. It’s a very good starter. Try my very easy chicken kebab.

Prep time 20 mint.

Serve for 4 people.


1.Boneless Chicken 750 gm. (cut into small cube size)
2.Yellow & Green paper half of each.(cut into small cube size)
3.Foue clove of crushed garlic.
4. Dry curd 2 table spoon.
5.One tea spoon red chili powder.
6.One tea spoon Black paper powder.
7.Half tea spoon of red chili crushed.
8.One table spoon of Olive oil.
9.Half tea spoon of chat masala.
10.Half tea spoon of garam masala powder.
11.Salt as per taste.
12.Butter for brushing.
13.Eight Bamboo skewers. (Soak the skewers in cold water for 20 mint)


Pre heat the grill on high heat

Marinate the chicken and peppers with all the ingredients for 4 to 5 hr.

Skewer the chicken pieces and peppers as per your choice in

Place the skewers in an oven proof tray.

Grill it for 10 to 15 mints. (Between brush butter and flip the skewers)

Yummy Chicken Kebab is ready ,Serve hot with little lime juice and salad.

Enjoy your evening.


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