Friday, October 12, 2012

Chocolate Cake

My mom used to make cake in an old cake oven its very old one but all the cake comes out so yummy. Still we have that at home. I love cakes but can’t make like my mom, because mom’s cooking is just the best. Here is one of my mom’s cake recipe.

Chocolate cake


1.All-purpose flour 250 gm.
2.Sugar 250 gm(grounded).
3.One cup of milk.
4.One cup of butter or sunflower oil.
5.Three Table spoon coco powder.
6.Two table spoon coco syrup.
7.Choco cheeps.
8.Two eggs.
9.Dry fruits.(cashew nuts,raisin,almond).


Put all ingredients(except the dry fruits) in a bowl and mix them all and make a smooth batter. No lump should be theirs. (for around 2 hr) At last add the choco cheeps.

Pre heat your oven in 350 degree F .

Now grease an oven proof bowl with butter and put all the mixture, add the dry fruits and bake it for 25 to 30 mint. (Check between with a wooden stick if it’s come out smoothly then your cake is ready.


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