Friday, October 12, 2012

Ice Cream Sandesh

Today is my husband's Birth day. So wanted to prepare some special sweet dish for him. He is very fond of Sweets. So I made one of my mom’s special Sweet ‘Ice Cream Sandesh’. She used to make this on pressure cooker. But the same way I makd it on Microwave. After making it I just can’t believe on me. It’s awesome and somehow the taste exactly like one of my Favorite Sweet Shop. I am super excited. Please just make it once it's super cool.

Prep time: 20 mints.

Cooking time: 8 mints.


1.Chena 100 gm.
2.Cottage cheese 100 gm.
3.Sugar 150 gm.
4.Vanila essence few drops.
5.Butter half tea spoon.
6.Few pistachio for garnishing.


Mix the chena, cottage cheese, sugar, vanilla essence and grind them in a mixer.

Now grease the butter in an oven proof bowl and put all the mixer into it.

 Now on maximum hit bake it for 8 mints (it's depend on microwave to microwave and the baking plate you are using on that alos,for better result check every 2 mint).

Now garnish your Sandesh with the pistachio.

After it completely cool down DE-refrigerate it for 2 ½ hr.

And cut them in small square pieces.

Enjoy the cool cool Ice Cream Sandesh.



  1. do you use the cottage cheese found in tubs in walmart or other american grocery stores??? chena is paneer right???

  2. the cube one is dry cottge cheese like paneer. buy cottage cheese in box like sour cream... search in any grocery shop.good luck.

  3. Hi Poulamee I made Ice cream sondesh yesterday & it tasted heavenly . Thanks a ton !!!!
    My only problem was the shape as it was not coming out nicely . I set it in refrigerator for 4 hrs .

    1. hi sujata did u grease the pan before puting the mixture? for daily updates and info please like my FB page.

  4. Yes I did grease the pan well .
    I got your FB page .

  5. what is the different between cottage cheese and chhana?

    1. Cottage cheese has salt, paneer doesn’t. Dry curd cottage cheese might be closer to paneer.