Friday, October 12, 2012

Kesariya Rasogolla

“Rasogolla” is a very famous sweet of Bengal. So I prepared Rasgolla in little different way, with some kesar. My dear friend Pinki Sarkar Shared this recipe with me. Thank u Pinki for the lovely recipe.

Prep Time. 4 to 5 hr.
Cooking time: 30 mint.


1.Milk 1 liter.
2.Sugar 1 & ½ cup.
3.Lime juice ½ cup. (Mixed few drop of water with it)
4.Few pinch of Saffron or Kesar.
5.Water 4 & ½ cup.


Put Milk in a heavy bottomed vessel, when it starts boiling adds the Lime juice. Slowly the milk
turn into chena.(when the water turn into green colour).

Drain the cheana in a cotton or muslin cloth. Wash the chena under running cold water so the flavor of lime juice will goes off.

Now hang the chena for 2 to 3 hr.

Mix the saffron with one table spoon of Luke warm milk for an hour.

Now mash the chena with your palm till it very smooth .Add the saffron and milk mixture into the chena.

Your chena turn into a very rich yellow color.

Now make some small round balls with the chena. Around 15 to 18 bolls

In a big flat vessel make the sugar syrup with the water & sugar. When it start boiling add the chena balls.

Cover with tight lid for 20 mints.

Your kesariya Rasagulla is ready, serve hot or cold.


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