Thursday, November 8, 2012

Aloo Patol er Dalna or Potato Parwal Curry

Among all the vegetables one of my favorite is Patol or Parwal. Anything with Patol makes my day. But the problem is that my husband dosen’t like it at all except Patol er Dorma (my patol er dorma recipe is here . So no other option some time I cook for myself also. He used to have the potato from this Aloo Patol er Dalna or Potato Parwal Curry. But the probelem is that in the Indian grocery store they have very limited stock of Patol or Parwal, so everytime I am not so lucky.

This one I cooked like my Maa-in-law used to cook. She is dosen't add that much of spice because of my father in-laws health but I just made it little spicy. This is one the popular Bong delicacy.

Preparation time: 10 mints.
Cooking time: 20 mints.
Serve for 4 people.
1.Patol or Parwal 6 to 8. (cut into cube size).
2.One medium size potato (cut into Cube size).
3.One medium size sliced onion.
4.Half small chopped tomato.
5.One table spoon Ginger & Garlic paste.
6.Turmeric Powder, Red chili powder, Cumin Powder, coriander Powder (one tea spoon of each item).
7.One table spoon tomato puree.
8.One bay leave, One small dry red chili, Few cumin seeds, 2 Clove, 2 Cardamom, One small cinnamon stick.
9.Salt & Sugar as per taste.
10.Sunflower oil or Musard oil. (I prefer to use Mustard Oil).


Shallow fry the Patol pieces and Potato pieces with pinch of turmeric powder and salt. And keep it aside.

Now put some oil in a vessel and add all the No 8 ingredients as mentioned above.

Now add the sliced onion and chopped tomatoes and fry till the onions are transparent.

Now add the ginger garlic paste and cook till the raw smell goes off, now add all the spices powder, tomato puree with some salt and sugar. Cook till the oil come out.

Now add the fried Patol and potato pieces and mix well with the masala for 3 mints.

 Now add some water and cover with a lid.

Cook till it done and gravy become little dry.

Serve hot with plain rice or Roti.


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  1. it is my first time visit i here.your Parwal smabar looks good but is news to me.
    We do make Parwal aaloo subji. thankyou for shearing this information with us!chowringhee

    laxmi nagar