Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dry Fruit Sandesh With Kheer

As a foodie when you’re eager to eat something you just can’t stop yourself to make it. Most of the times it happened with me, every month I thought this month no sweet dish for me because it has lots of calories. But in my home my husband needs some dessert after dinner so do I. 

I made some easy dry fruit sandesh with kheer on top. They were so delicious and perfect that you cant resist yourself to finish them as soon as you can. Sometime just think about your tummy nothing else which makes you feel happy.


1.Chana/Paneer/ Inidan Cottage Cheese: 100 gm.
2.Sugar: 3 table spoon.
3.Chopped cashew nuts: ½  tea spoon.
4.Chopped pistachios: ½  tea spoon.
5.Chopped almonds: ½ tea spoon.
6.Khoya or Malk Powder: 2 Table spoon.
7.Few saffron strands.
8.Milk Maid: 1 table spoon.
9.Milk: ½ cup.
10.Freshly crushed cardamom.
11.Few drop of ghee.


How to make chana or Paneer click on the Paneer or Chana and go through the link.

Now knead the chana with your palm tightly, so that no lamb is there.

Now take on heavy bottomed vessel and add few drop of ghee, now add the chana and sugar and stir continuously till the sugar melt.

Now add the khoya and mix well. Now add the freshly crushed cardamom and all chopped dry fruits nad mix well till the mixture become dry remove from heat.

Now in a plate spread the chana mixture in square shape and keep thin fridge for 30 mints.

Now make the kheer, for making kheer in a heavy bottomed vessel and the milk. When the milk start boiling adds the milk maid and the saffron strands and keep stirring till the mixture become thick. 

Now take out the chana mixture from the fridge and spread the kheer on top of the chana mixture.

Keep it in fridge for 30 mints just to settle down the kheer on top.

Now cut the sandesh in square shape and garnish with some pistachios. Your easy dry fruit sandesh is ready serve and enjoy.

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