Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chaler Payes or Kheer or Rice Pudding

Today is Janmasthami the lord krishna’s birthday, almost every part of India celebrate this auspicious day with lots of wishes and some mouthwatering dishes. For hindus lord Krishna is symbol of intelligence  and we all believe that lord Krishna is a small kid and try to make him happy with our puja and prasad. 

From the childhood days I saw my MAA to celebrate this day with lots of different Prasad. And I love to follow my mother's footsteps and after my marriage every year I tried to do something in KRISHNAASTAMI. Today I made few things and among them the most authentic dish is PAYES or RICE PUDDING. Bengali style payes is really a delicious dish which is made with lots of milk, rice and dry fruits. My husband loves payes a lot so I thought to share my MAA's payes recipe with all of you.

1.Milk:1 Litter.
2.Gobindobhog rice: A hands full or two table spoon.
3.Sugar: 5 table spoon.
4.Raisins: 10 to 12.
5.Cashew nuts: 10 to 12.
6.Few Chopped pistachios:
7.Few Chopped almonds.
8.Cardamom: 2 piece.
9.Half tea spoon ghee.


Add the milk in a heavy bottomed vessel in medium flame and cook till the milk become half in quantity (stir in between).

Now add the cardamom pieces, cashew nuts and raisins.

Wash and clean the rice, now add the ghee on the rice and mixed it well.

Now add the rice in the boiling milk and cook till the rice boil (add the rice after the milk is reduced in quantity so that the rice will not over boil till it finish and while eating you can understand that rice is there). Now cook this in very low flame.

Now add the sugar and cook till the milk become thick. 

Your PAYES or KHEER or PAYESAM or RICE PUDDING is ready garnish with the chopped pistachios and almonds, serve hot or cold. 

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