Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Prawn or Shrimp Batter Fry

Evening snacks is a big headache in my home. Every day after coming from office my husband wants to have some snacks, sometime I give him some ready made snacks to have. But daily you just can’t adjust with all the ready made stuffs. I love to prepare some easy snacks also. But most of the day we don’t have enough time to make snacks so this kind of an easy snacks are always a better option for us.

I was having some prawns at home so wanted to prepare something with that, so very quickly I prepared some PRAWN BATTER FRY. And they are just too good. It’s a heavenly feeling to have that crispy BATTER PRAWNS. A very easy a nice recipe for any party, try this at home and serve with cold drink.

Preparation time: 10 mints.
Cooking time: 8 to 10 mints.

1.Prawns: 15 to 18 pieces.
2.One egg.
3.One table spoon all-purpose flour.
4.One table spoon corn flour.
5.Half tea spoon red powder.
6.Half tea spoon black pepper powder.
7.Some salt.
8.Half cup crashed cornflakes.
8.Sunflower oil for deep frying.


Wash and clean the prawns. Sprinkle some salt into that washed prawns.

Now take one bowl and add all the ingredients (except prawns and oil) and make a smooth batter if needed add some water also.

Now dip the prawns into that batter and roll them into the crashed cornflakes and deep fry them in low flame. 

Soak the extra oil in a paper towel and serve hot with some tomato ketchup.


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