Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dhaba Style Egg Tarka

Do you people ever try that "Dhaba Wali Tarka"? It’s awesome with some onion and pickle. I used to prepare Egg Tarka at home. We enjoy it with homemade roti. Tarka is basically made with Green mung Lentil. We both love potato so I love to add some potato also. In every highway there is some typical Dhaba, and those Dhaba’s are especially popular for some special kind of Tarka. My Tarka recipe surely help you to get that Dhaba taste.

Cooking time: 20 mints.
Serve for 4 people.

1.Tarka dal or green moong dal :200 gm.
2.Two eggs.
3.One small potato( cut into cube size).
4.One large chopped onion.
5.One medium size chopped tomato.
6.One tea spoon minced garlic.
7.Three to four green chilies chopped.
8.Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder, Red chili Powder ( one tea spoon of each item).
9. Half tea spoon Tarka Masala (I use Sunrise Tarka Masala).
10.Salt & sugar as per taste.
11.Few mustard and fenugreek seeds.
12.Sunflower oil.


Boiled the dal in a Pressure cooker (three weasels) with some salt and keep it aside.

Fry the potato pieces and keep it aside.

Scramble the eggs with some salt and keep it aside.
Now add some oil in a vessel and add the mustard and fenugreek seeds after its start popping add the chopped onion, tomato and green chilies and fry till the onions transparent.

Now add the minced garlic along with the all spice powder except Tarka masala and some salt and sugar.

Cook this for some time; now add the boiled dal (without the boiling water) and the fried potato and the scramble eggs.

Cook for some time till the raw smell masala goes off.

Now add some water and the Tarka Masala and cook with lid, till the dal become thick.

Enjoy hot with Roti, onion and pickle.

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