Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baked Dhoka or Baked Lentil Cakes.

Last few days my husband was asking me to make some DHOKAR DALNA OR LENTIL CAKE CURRY, but I just avoided making it because to fry the DHOKA OR LENTIL CAKES need lots of oil. Actually you need to deep fry the lentil cakes and that usually soaks lots of oil. But this curry is a very famous curry and one of the tastiest so because of this reason Bengali people can’t stop eating this dish. I got a very nice idea from one of my close friend Archita - she gave me a nice idea. Instead of deep frying the DHoka’s  I can bake it with just few drop of oil. Believe me I prepared the Baked Dhoka’s which is so good that I didn't find any difference from the frying ones. So if you are also trying to avoid excessive oil this way you can make perfect DHOKA.

1.Chana dal or Bengal  gram: 1 cup.
2.One inch ginger.
3.Salt and sugar as per taste.
4.Few cumin seeds.
5.Two green chilies.
6.Pinch of cumin powder.
7.Two table spoon oil.


Wash and soak the chana dal for 1 hour, now in a grinder blend the dal with ginger and green chilies with some water.

Now in a vessel and 1 ½ table spoon of oil, now allow it to hot then add the cumin seeds let it crackle then add the chana dal paste with some salt sugar and cumin powder.

Stir it till the chana dal mixture become dry completely.

Now grease one plate with some oil and add the dry chana dal paste and spread across the plate proportionately.

Keep the plate in fridge for 10 mints. Now with a knife cut the Dhoka’s in some Rhombus size.

Now pre heat the oven 425 degree F, now grease one oven proof tray with some oil and place the dhoka’s on the tray.

Now bake it for 10 mints now flip the dhoka’s and bake it another 10 mints (all the ovens are different so check after every 5 mints).

Now remove the tray from the oven and your BAKED DHOKA OR LENTIL CAKE  is ready, you can eat this with plain rice and dal or make a normal Dhokar Dalna with this baked dhoka. 


  1. Uttam !! Ati uttam ! baked ones will be apt for home as parents avoid fried items..Thanks dear