Friday, August 9, 2013

Chicken Pad Thai: A simple one.

One of my favorite cuisines is Thai. What I love about THAI food is the sweet and spicy taste. They don’t add lots of spices but they do have so many different sauces. In weekends some time we love to have outside food, and most of the time we choose to have Thai food.  When I really don't get any idea for dinner or lunch sometime I call him and ask what he wants to have, and every time I get the same answer 'something different'. 

So I thought to make some simple CHICKEN PAD THAI for dinner which I never tried before and his one of the favorite dishes. I made it in a very simple way going through various websites. This one can be a great dish for your guests.

Preparation time: 10 mints.
Cooking time: 20 mints.

For Sauce:
1.Two table spoon fish sauce.
2.One clove chopped garlic.
3.One small piece of palm sugar (or patali).

4.Pinch of red chili flakes. 
5. Tamarind concentrate: One tea spoon.
6.One tea spoon lemon juice.
7.Few drop of sunflower oil.

For Pad Thai:
1.One medium packet of Pad Thai noodles.
2.One medium sliced red onion.
3.One medium finely sliced carrots.
4.One clove chopped garlic.
5.Boneless Chicken bites: 200 gm.
6.Pinch of black pepper powder.
7.One tea spoon soya sauce.
8.Salt as per taste.
9.Green onion chopped.
10.Chopped  and toasted peanuts (fry the peanuts in few drop of oil before chopping) for garnishing.
11.Sunflower oil for cooking.

For Sauce: Add few drop of oil in a vessel, after it become hot add the chopped garlic then slowly add all the mentioned ingredients for sauce and cook it in medium heat till the palm sugar dissolve. 

Your homemade Pad Thai sauce is ready (it’s quite hot, spicy and tangy) now remove from heat and keep it aside.

Boil the noodles in some salty water, after it boil drain the hot water and rinse it in cold water and keep it aside. 

Now take another vessel and add some oil, let it become hot then add the boneless chicken pieces with some salt and cook till the chicken pieces are tender. Now add the black pepper powder and mix well. Now remove from heat and keep it aside.

Now on the same vessel and some more oil and after it become hot add the chopped garlic and saute for some time. Now add the sliced onion and carrots and saute for some time (don’t cook for so long).

Now add the cooked chicken pieces and mix well. Now time to add the noodles and the sauce. Mix well nicely. Now add the soya sauce and some salt, mix nicely. If you want spicier then add the red chili flakes. Cook for another 1 mint.

Now remove from heat and garnish your PAD THAI with chopped green onion and chopped toasted peanuts. 

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