Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vegetable cutlet

Summer time that means the evenings are become big and the day lights are more so we need to make our evening more special with some snacks. And we both love to spend the evenings in our small balcony. I have all lovely fresh vegetables at home so thought to make a nice easy snack to have with a cup of tea.

I think a thought only make us hungry and after that we really can’t stop us to making that. So I made some vegetable cutlets. And they are so good and tasty I think within 5 mints we finished all of the cutlets.

Preparation time: 10 mints.
Cooking time: 20 mints.

1.One big boiled potato.
2.One small bowl of finely grated carrots.
3.One small bowl of finely grated bit root.

4.Frozen green peas: a handful.
5.Half tea spoon ginger paste. Half tea spoon lemon juice.
6.Four to five chopped green chilies.
7.Few chopped cashew nuts.
8. Half tea spoon Red chili powder, Pinh of Chaat masal, Pinch of garam masala, Few cumin seeds.
9.Two bitten eggs.
10.One table spoon all-purpose flour.
11. One small cup or bread crumbs.
12.Salt and sugar as per taste.
13.Sunflower oil for frying.


Smashed the boiled potato with some salt and lemon juice and keep it aside.

Now add some oil in a vessel and let it become hot then add the cumin seeds, after it start crackle add the chopped cashew nuts and fry for some time.

Now add the grated carrots and bit roots and cook for some time.

Now add some salt, frozen peas sugar and the ginger paste and cook it in low flame with a lid.

Now remove the lid and add the red chili powder and chaat masala and cook for some time.

Now add the smashed potato and the garam masala powder and mix it nicely and switch of the flame.

Let it become cold now make some cutlet in any shape and roll them in the flour then dip them into the bitten eggs and finally roll them again into the bread crumbs.Now keep the cutlet into the fridge for some time. 

 Now deep fry the cutlets till both the sides turn into golden color. And serve hot with salad and sauce.

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