Sunday, June 23, 2013

Malai Sandesh

Sweets are always a first choice in my home and almost every day, it’s hard to make different every time. But to satisfy my taste buds I try to make something different every time. And this time I made some Malai Sandesh in completely my way. And it tasted like I ate in a sweet shop near by my home town. Believe me I felt so good after that.

The reaction which I got from my husband that was also a great feelings for me, because he used to be the Guinea pig for me every time. While making this I didn’t go through any website I just made it in my way. 

Preparation time: 5 mints.
Cooking time: 40 to 50 mints.

1.Heavy Milk (I use 3.5%): 3 cup.
3.Condanced Milk: Three table spoon.
4.Gram flour or Besan: Two table spoon.
5.Ghee: One table spoon.
6.Two cardamom.
7.Sugar: Two to Three table spoon or as per your taste.
8.Few pistachios for garnishing.
9.Silver Tabok for garnishing.

Put two cup of milk in a heavy bottomed vessel and keep string it in low flame.

In another vessel add the ghee after it become hot add the cardamom after it start leaving the aroma add the besan and stir continuously till it fry properly and a nice color come out.

When the milk started to become thick or reduce the quantity almost half add the condensed milk and stir continuously.

Now after 5 mints add the fried beasn and sugar into the milk and stir till the mixture become thick and dry.

Let it become cool now make some small round shape SANDESH which  makes you happy after every bite. 

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