Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chanar Goja Holi Special

Among all the festivals HOLI is the most colorful festival of India. Almost all parts of India celebrate the festival of colors. Every year we all wait for this special day with lots of fun and food. HOLI is known as DOLL JATRA in West Bengal. Especially in SHantiniketan they celebrate the day in a huge way with BASANTA UTSAB, every year plenty of people visit Shantiniketan to become a part of this colorful festival.

And all festivals have their own charm for foods. And we Bengalis are born to have good food. For this special occasion I prepared some sweet it’s called CHANAR GOJA a very authentic Bengali sweet. I learnt the recipe from my Ma. Enjoy your holi with your family and friends and have lots of good foods.

Preparation time: 5 mints.
Cooking time: 20 mints.

1.Chana or cottage cheese: 100 gm.
2.Suji or Rawa: 3 tea spoon.
3.Pinch of baking powder.
4.Sugar: 2 Cup.
5.Few raisins for garnishing.
6.Sunflower oil and ghee.


Mix the chana, suji and baking powder and keep it aside for 30 mints.

Now make some square shape sweets with the mixture.

Now make some thin sugar syrup and boiled the sweets for 8 to 10 mints in medium heat.

Now take out the sweets form the syrup and fry them in half ghee and half oil till both the side turn brown.

Now make some thick sugar syrup and soaked the sweets for 8 to 10 mints.

Serve cool and garnish with some raisins. 

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