Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chal Patol or Rice Cooked With Parwal

Ma’s recipes are always a first choice for all of us. And I think we can try like hell but never cook like our mothers. So whenever nothing comes out in my mind for lunch or dinner I just call her for suggestion. And every time while cooking the dish I cherish my childhood memories. But don’t know why that special thing I miss always, I think that is called ”Ma Ki Jadoo”.

I had some Patol or Parwal at home so I thought to make something with that, but not any curry. So I just called my Ma and she suggested to prepare some CHAL PATOL. A very old and authentic Bengali dish which is specially made with Patol and Rice.  A very simple dish but the aroma of Patol And Gobindobhog Rice give the dish a special flavor. I love to have that because I love Parwal or Patol.

Preparation time: 8 mints.
Cooking Time: 15 to 20 mints.

1.Gobindobhog Rice: 1 cup.
2.Medium size patol : 6.
3.Ginger and green chili paste: 1 tea spoon.
4.Half tea spoon turmeric powder.
5.Pinch of cumin powder, red chili powder and garam masala powder.
6.Clove:2, Cardamom:2, Cinamon stick: half small.
7.Few cashew nuts and raisins.
8.Salt and sugar as per taste.
9.One tea spoon sunflower oil.
10.One table spoon ghee.


Wash and clean the rice.

Wash and peel the patol’s now cut both the edges like + shape. (Not too deep). And sprinkle some turmeric powder on it.

Now add the oil in a vessel and fry the parwal pieces till both the side turn little brown.

Now take one different vessel and add the ghee, slowly add the whole garam masala.

Now add the cashew nuts and raisins and fry for some time.

Now add the washed rice stir for some time. Now add the ginger and green chili paste with little water and all the spices powder. Mix well and stir for some time.

Now add enough water fried Patol’s salt and sugar and cook with a lid till the rice cooked nicely. (We love to have this polao little sweet but it’s totally depends on your taste).


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