Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lau Chingri or Bottlegourd and Prawn Curry

Lau, Kaddu, Bottle gourd is one more favorite vegetable of mine. One of a very famous Bengali Delicasy is Lau Chingri or Prawn & Bottle gourd Curry. Among the entire authentic Bengali dishes Lau Chingri is one of the famous one. Many people cook the dish in various ways. I followed my Ma’s recipe.

But the saddest part is that my husband doesn't like it that’s why I really don’t feel like to cook for myself only. While reading on Bengali Novel the moment I read about Lau Chingri or Prawn & Bottle gourd Curry I can’t resist myself, and cooked some Lau Chingri for myself only. But the moral of the story is my husband eats almost all the prawns I just finished my dinner with the Lau or Bottle gourd only. 

Preparation time: 10 mints.
Cooking time: 20 mints.


1.Medium size Prawns : 150gm.
2.A small Bottlegourd  (cut into small cube size).
3.One tea spoon Ginger and Green Chili paste.
4. Turmeric Powder, Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder (Half tea spoon of each item).
5.Few cumin seeds, One dry red chili , One small bay leave.
6.Salt and sugar as per taste.
7.Mustard oil or sunflower oil for cooking. 


Marinate the prawns with little turmeric powder and salt and shallow fry them in little oil. Keep it aside.

Now add some oil in a vessel and add the cumin seeds, Dry Red chili and Bay leave after few second and the Bottle gourd pieces into the vessel and fry for some time.

Now add all the spice powder into the ginger and green chili paste with some water. And add the mixture into the vessel with some salt and sugar and cook till the oil come out.

Now add the fried prawn pieces and stir for some time. Now add some warm water and cook till the  Bottle gourd cooked nicely and all the water evaporate.

Served hot with Plain Rice.