Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Garlic Prawn Deshi Style

Few things always remind us few memories too. Few memories are really close to our heart also. We never forget all those days of our life. In my school days we had a neighbor, they were from Tripura. Uncle transfered to our place so they started staying in a rented house near our home. Still I remember the face of aunty because almost every day she used to visit our place with something. And seriously I really waited for her to come. She is a terrific cook, and few of the items are just too good. Still I remember one of her Prawn item which my Ma also cooks after learning the recipe from aunty.

Few ingredients are always good with prawn like Coconut and Mustard and she used to add garlic so I named the dish is Garlic Prawn Deshi style. With plain rice this one is just too good.


1.Medium size Prawn: 150 gm.
2.Half cup grated coconut.
3.Half chopped tomato.
4.Four to five clove of garlic.
5.Two green chilies.
6.One table spoon White Mustard.
7.Few cashew nuts.
8.Few raisins.
9.One tea spoon Turmeric Powder, A pinch of Amchur Powder.
10.Few Kalonji. Two split green chlies.
11.Salt and sugar as per taste.
12.Mustard oil for cooking you can use sunflower oil too.


Wash and clean the prawns. Now marinate them with some turmeric powder and salt.
Add oil in a vessel and shallow fry the Prawns and keep it aside.

In a grinder add no 2 to no 8 ingredients as mentioned above and make a smooth paste with some water. Add the turmeric powder and aamchur powder also into the mixture.

Now add some more oil in a vessel and add the KAlonji and split green chilies after few seconds add the Masala paste with some salt and sugar and cook till the oil come out.

Now add the fried prawn pieces and stir for some time. Next add some warm water and cook with a lid till the gravy become thick.

The garlic and coconut smell makes the gravy a spectacular. Serve hot with plain rice.

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