Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kheer Chomchom or Malai Chomchom

Today for the first time I prepared one of a very famous Bengali Sweet it’s called Kheer Chomchom or Malai Chomchom. Almost in every shop in west Bengal you will get this sweet. Especially this is made with Chana or cottage cheese, sugar and Milk.  This sweet is famous in Bangladesh also.

This is December so full on festive season, I planned to make few different sweet dishes in this month.

And today I started with this Kheer Chomchom. Basically my husband forced me to prepare some sweet dish from last weekend, but any how I didn’t get time. But today I wanted to give him surprise so any how I managed to finish the chomchom within 1 hr before my daughter woke up and his comeback time.

But really can’t wait to taste the first piece of chomchom. Wow what a taste, it reminded me the childhood days of mine, when we used to have this one in my aunt’s place Murshidabad.

Preparation time: 30 mints.
Cooking time: 0 mints.

1.Chena or cottage cheese: 200gm.
2.Sugar : 250 gm.
3.One cup 3.25% milk.
4.Half cup condensed milk.
5.Few saffron stands.
6.Three to four cardamom.
7.Few raisin for garnishing.

Kneed the chana with your palm till it become smooth. Now make some oval shape chomchom.

Prepare some sugar syrup with the sugar and 3 cup of water. When it’s start boiling add the cardamom.
Now add the chom chom’s into the boiling sugar syrup and cover with a tight lead and cook for 10 mints.
Now reduce the heat and cook for another 15 mints. Let it cool.

Now in a different vessel boil the milk when it became half of the original quantity add the condensed milk and saffron stands.

Now place the Chomchom in a plate and from top add one spoon of Kheer or Malai into the chomchom, when it’s soaked completely add one more spoon of Kheer or Malai and garnish with Raisin.

Enjoy your festive season where ever you are and definitely with lots of good food.


  1. just parchina lov samlate..khir chamcham amar fvrt..