Thursday, November 15, 2012

Peper Sukto or Raw papaya curry with Mustard

Among all fruits I specially don’t like papaya that much, but I love Raw Papaya. My Maa used to cook lots of different kind of currys with raw papaya. Raw Papaya is very good for health also. Today is a veggie day for us, so tried my Grand Maa’s unique preparation Peper Sukto or Papaya curry with Mustard. It’s a very easy recipe all of us just loved it. You must try it once.

Sukto is one of a famous curry which is cooked with lots of different vegetable. But my Grand Maa used to make sukto with Papaya also. Sukto is a kind of starter with plain rice. My husband doesn’t like Raw Papaya but if I cook Peper Sukto he never says no to this.

Preparation time: 10 mints.
Cooking time: 15 mints.

1.One small raw papaya.

2.Half tea spoon ginger paste.
3.One table spoon mustard seeds powder, Few Radhuni, One bay leave, One dry red chili.

4.Half tea spoon turmeric powder.
5.Half cup milk.
6.Salt & Sugar as per taste.
7.Mustard oil two table spoon.
8.Few drops of ghee.

Sliced the papaya finely.

Now add 1,1/2 table spoon of mustard oil in a vessel and add the bay leave, radhuni and dry red chili after 2 mints add the sliced papaya. Now add the turmeric powder and cook for some time.

Now add the ginger paste, salt and sugar and cook till the raw smell of ginger goes off.
Now add the milk and little water and cook with a lid till the papaya boiled properly. Switch off the gas.

Now in a different vessel add half table spoon of mustard oil when it became hot add the mustard seeds powder and fry till it brown.

 Now add the cooked papaya into the vessel.

And again cook for 2 mints and before switch off the gas sprinkle the ghee.

Serve hot with plain rice.


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