Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jhurjhure Alu Bhaja or Kurkure Potato Fry

I can’t think any first food without “French Fries”. But how can I forget about our own famous homemade “Jhurjhure Alu Bhaja” or “Kurkure Potato Fry”. Many of you might know this recipe but still few of my non Bengali friends asked me for this typical Bengali “Jhurjhure Alu Bhaja” recipe. Sometime I used to give this to my husband for his office lunch, and some of his colleagues liked it so much.

1.Two large potato.
2.Salt as per taste.
3.Oil for deep frying.
Soaked the potato in some cold water for one hour.
After that, crush the potato with help of kitchen king.

Now add oil in a vessel, and before frying the crushed potato, squeeze the extra water.

Deep fry them in high heat, few at a time.

Soak the extra oil in a paper towel.

Now sprinkle the salt. Enjoy with Plain Rice and Dal or some time with a cup of Tea also.



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